Introducing the LiquidKlear™ Wallet

LiquidKlear Mobile Banking App showing connection to ecosystem

LiquidKlear Visa Prepaid Card

Use your LiquidKlear Visa Prepaid Card for everyday online, in person, & international purchases. Simplify Your Wallet. All you need is one card.

LiquidKlear ATMs

Your LiquidKlear Wallet cash balance is INSTANTLY available at any LiquidKlear ATM. Just use the LiquidKlear mobile app to find the nearest one.

LiquidKlear Pay

Send another person money for FREE. Receive money for FREE. Funds are available in their LiquidKLEAR Wallet INSTANTLY.

Falling Out of your Bank’s
Ecosystem Costs You Money!

Plan to Travel Outside the U.S.A.?

Nope. Better not! Otherwise, expect an average fee of 3-5% on each foreign transaction.

Big Box Banking. Small ATM Footprint.

Using an ATM outside of their network? Pay Up. Average $3.50 the ATM and another $2.50 to YOUR Bank.

Big Banks Have Huge Overhead Costs

Of course it’s not really their fault. With costly to run branches & archaic business models, they’re forced to pass the fees down to their customers!

Big Banks Charged $6.4 Billion Overdraft & ATM Fees in 2016

Millennials Overdraft 11x Per Year!

Big Box Banks make an average of $374.00 per year, per millennial, on overdraft fees. Typically, the transactions are for less than $10.00!

17,000% APR Overdraft Fee!

Most millennials overdraft for a charge less than $10.00. LiquidKlear’s app help prevent these costly overdrafts!

LiquidKlear’s Complete Mobile Banking Ecosystem

LiquidKlear Financial Ecosystem pictured with debit card, ATM machine dispensing cash, mobile app, and Peer to Peer transfers

The LiquidKlear Connected Ecosystem

We’ve got you covered! You can seriously just leave your home with only your LiquidKlear Visa Prepaid Card & your mobile phone. Our ecosystem has 99% of your transactions covered!

LiquidKlear Connected Mobile Banking System

The LiquidKlear Connected Wallet will connect you to your favorite apps. You’ll never fall out of our Ecosystem! Which will save you tons of money. Welcome to the 21st century of banking, with LiquidKlear!

Ready to Switch?



Stop Paying $10 or $12 per month.

LiquidKlear checking accounts are completely free.

Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Fees

Your bank account shouldn’t cost you money.

LiquidKlear mindset with Auto-pay.

LiquidKlear's complete ecosystem (physical & digital) helps you focus on what matters.

LiquidKlear Rewards helps you make clear choices.

Our built-in app will scan through your purchase history and recommend cost-savings tips, help you track your receipts, and easily track your spending in a beautifully built and designed eco-system.

LiquidKlear Rewards Points

Help us help you! The more you use LiquidKlear, the more it rewards you. The app is "gamified" in a way to encourage wise financial choices. Being financially fit is, shall we dare say it, KOOL?

Use the LiquidKlear Visa Prepaid Card for Everyday Purchases

Secure LiquidKlear Debit Card provides access to a large ATM network and all merchants

LiquidKlear Visa Prepaid Card Works Instantly

Your Visa Prepaid Card works instantly. LiquidKlear's advanced instant verification system makes your funds available instantly and at NO COST TO YOU.

LiquidKlear Visa Prepaid Card with LK Rewards

LiquidKlear's literally clear Visa Prepaid Card is free to use. Each time you swipe your card, your LiquidKLEAR Wallet notifies you to confirm and balance the transaction.

INSTANTLY Use Your LiquidKlear Pay Funds.

When another person sends you funds via LiquidKlear Pay, your funds aren't stuck. You can literally use the LiquidKlear Visa Prepaid Card right away!

LiquidKlear ATMs Built with the Future In Mind

Advanced ATM Technology

Part of how we keep our banking services FREE is through our use of our flagship LiquidKlear ATMs. These bad boys allow us to provide you banking services anywhere, without it costing us a ton in real estate and teller costs.

LiquidKlear ATMs go Zero to $100 in Seconds!

LiquidKlear Enabled ATMs

Use advanced biometric data, including GPS, facial recognition, QR Codes & NFC functionality to verify identity.

LiquidKlear Instant Cash

Funds received through LiquidKlear Pay are available INSTANTLY for cash withdrawal.

get LiquidKlear with TransPAYrency

We promise never to nickle and dime ya.  We also promise to always be transparent with our fees. It is the LiquidKlear way after all!