Enjoy the future of mobile banking with the LK LiquidKlear™ ecosystem¹

The LK LiquidKlear mobile app¹ is a simple digital banking ecosystem which enables its users to send or request money to anyone in the U.S. by using only their phone number or email address. The mobile app¹ also provides cardless cash access to thousands of ATMs, personal financial management tools, and the ability to tag, search, and organize your transactions easily.

Users that sign up and qualify will receive the LK LiquidKlear Visa® Prepaid Card that enables cardholders to use it for everyday purchases or withdraw cash from tens of thousands of zero-fee ATMs².

Key Benefits

LK LiquidKlear has your 21st century financial and
banking needs covered! All in one simple place!

A Complete Ecosystem

The LK LiquidKlear digital platform is a single destination for all your banking needs, with seamless integration between mobile device¹, ATM², and bank card.

Send and Receive Money

LK LiquidKlear lets you send and receive money with your mobile devices¹ to anyone, all over the United States, whether or not they have a LK LiquidKlear account.

Cash When You Need It

Here, there, and everywhere – LK LiquidKlear’s massive network of ATMs² gives you access to your money when you need it.

Secure and Fraud-Resistant

LK LiquidKlear’s multi-step fraud prevention is unique in the financial industry. Your money is always safe and secure.

No Overdraft Fees

What overdraft fees? Because LK LiquidKlear is a Visa® Prepaid Card, it’s virtually impossible to overdraft.

Spending Trackers & Rewards

The LK LiquidKlear Visa® Prepaid Card is like a personal trainer for your finances – helping you identify and reach your monetary goals with spending trackers and earn LK LiquidKlear kurrency³.

Transparency in Fees. Yes, It’s a Thing.

With the LK LiquidKlear Visa® Prepaid Card, the fine print is the bold print.
It’s better than crystal clear. It’s LK LiquidKlear.

The LK LiquidKlear Ecosystem: A complete package.

The LK LiquidKlear ecosystem comes fully equipped to manage your 21st century financial needs!

Tag, you’re it! Easily keep track of your finances with the LK LiquidKlear +Tag feature. Simply tag your transactions for quick reference later. You can tag people, places and things!
Keeping your finances fit is easier when everything is in one place, not spread out over multiple apps, accounts and cards.
The LK LiquidKlear app helps you set goals and budgets and track your progress to help you reach your financial goals.
Onward and upward. LK LiquidKlear can help you make informed decisions about your financial future with advanced reporting, organizational tools and soon, LK LiquidKlear kurrency³—our new rewards program.
Your money is personal. Banking should be personal too. We take a human approach to banking, with friendly fees and complete transPAYrency.

Simply Simple Banking.
Do everything you need in one place!

Part of what makes the LK LiquidKlear experience¹ so unique is how simple it makes everything.
Below are just a few ways you can use LK LiquidKlear to pay for things!

Get started by downloading the LK LiquidKlear Mobile1 App!