Key Features

LK LiquidKlear™ ecosystem: A complete package.

The LK LiquidKlear ecosystem comes fully equipped to manage your
21st century financial needs!

Tag, you’re it! Easily keep track of your finances with the LK LiquidKlear +Tag feature.

Simply tag your transactions for quick reference later. You can tag people, places and things!

It’s like a search engine for your spending habits – see how much you spend on specific things like coffee or subscriptions.
Easily keep track of expenses for business purposes.
Find your transactions. Know you went to a certain place with a certain someone? Our cross-search feature lets you filter searches by a combination of categories.
Search intuitively. Ever forget specific details? We feel you! With easy labeling, you can find that needle in a haystack.

Keep your finances fit with everything in one place, not spread out over multiple apps, accounts and cards.

Usernames, software updates and passwords oh my! Do you ever get overwhelmed keeping track of all your different log-ins, passwords, account balances and fees? With the LK LiquidKlear app¹, you can see all of your accounts in one place, with one, simple log-in.
Seeing all of your accounts can help you see where you’re at financially at all times and could help you avoid account balance-related and other fees
With automatic updates four times a day, LK LiquidKlear can help you master the financial balancing act.

It’s all about priorities.

LK LiquidKlear can help you see the “forest for the trees” and reach your financial goals.

Start your New Year Resolution today. LK LiquidKlear is like a personal trainer for your finances. Our app¹ can help you identify spending habits that might be keeping you from reaching your goals, so you can fix them and get on track.
LK LiquidKlear lets you set goals and budgets, so that you have a clear action plan.
Automatic money-saving tips give you ideas for putting more cash towards your goals.
Onward and upward. LK LiquidKlear can help you make informed decisions about your financial future with advanced reporting, organizational tools and progress tracking, so you can keep climbing up the money health ladder towards financial freedom.

Forgot your prepaid debit card? No problem!

With LK LiquidKlear, you have card-free access to thousands of ATMs².

With money in your LK LiquidKlear wallet, you don’t have to worry if you’re caught off-guard and without your card. All you need is your app¹ to get the cash you need!
LK LiquidKlear offers daily withdrawal limits of up to $500 a day is higher than many big bank’s limits.
With access to 12,000 ATMs², chances are there’s one near you.

Welcome to the Future of Banking

Get started by downloading the LK LiquidKlear mobile app¹ now!