Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a LK LiquidKlear™ account?

Ready to find out what the new generation of banking is all about? Go to and click on “Get Early Access.” We’ll ask you for some details to get the ball rolling. Here’s what you’ll need: a driver’s license, Social Security Number, phone number and an email address. Welcome to LK LiquidKlear!

What does it cost to sign-up for LK LiquidKlear?

It’s free to sign up and use for the first 90 days during the trial period. Then it’s only $4.95 per month. There’s no cost for making purchases with your LK LiquidKlear™ Prepaid Visa® card. You can learn more about pricing here {insert link to CH Agreement}.

Where is LK LiquidKlear available?

LK LiquidKlear is currently available to US residents in select cities. Find locations here. Also, you can use your LK LiquidKlear Visa® prepaid card anywhere in the world everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Visa charges a standard 1.1% international transaction fee — most others charge 3%. LK LiquidKlear charges $0 on our end. 

Is LK LiquidKlear available on my smartphone?

Yes, you can access from the browser on any smartphone¹. Our website works best with Safari, Chrome, and Mozilla. You can download our mobile app¹ for iPhone to access convenient on-the-go banking features like mobile check deposit¹ and person-to-person transfers¹. An Android app is in the works. Contact customer support at 833-263-6691 or or “email us” {hyperlink} if you need help.

Why do you need my personal information?

As a financial company, we have to follow rules set forth by federal and state regulatory agencies. We’re required to verify your identity, which means we need access to sensitive information like your Social Security Number. But rest assured, your personal information is safe with us. We never share it with anyone, for any reason. For additional questions about the documents that are needed for the sign-up process, customer service can be reached at 833-263-6691 or “email us” {hyperlink}.

Does LiquidKlear support Apple Pay®?

You betcha. LK LiquidKlear worked hard to build a simple and totally connected ecosystem¹. You can use your LK LiquidKlear Visa® Prepaid Card anywhere ApplePay® is accepted. So even if you lose your prepaid debit card, or left it at home, or just have your phone¹ with you, you can use your LK LiquidKlear™ Visa® Prepaid Card through ApplePay.

Can I use the LK LiquidKlear app¹ to make purchases?

We’re hard at work coming up with new features, including our own mobile payment/digital wallet service. We hope to offer this option in the future.

How do I activate my LK LiquidKlear Visa® Prepaid card?

It’s easy. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get an email from us. Just follow the instructions in the email. You can also open your app¹ and if your card is ready to be activated, you’ll see a button prompting you to activate your account and card.

How do I change my PIN?

Need to change your PIN? You can do this right from the LK LiquidKlear app¹. There’s no need to call us or visit any banking branch. Open up “Manage Cards & Accounts” and follow the prompts.

How do I reset my password?

Security is super important to us at LK LiquidKlear. We recommend you periodically change your password to help keep your account safe. To change your password, click on the “login” page located in the top right corner of Click on the “Forgot Password” link that is located on the “login” page and additional instructions will be sent to you by email. For additional questions about how to login to your account and reset your password, customer support can be reached at 833-263-6691 or “email us” {hyperlink}.

How do I view my bank statements?

You can see your bank statements from your account dashboard within the LK LiquidKlear app¹. Soon you’ll also be able to login to our web portal to view statements on your computer and other devices.

How much can I withdraw from an ATM per day?

Standard daily withdrawal limits are $500 per day with a maximum of three withdrawals.²

What are your Bill Pay Limits?

Standard daily Bill Pay limits are $2,000 per day, up to three transactions.²

What are your overdraft fees?

What overdraft fees? Because LK LiquidKlear is a Visa® Prepaid card, you can’t overdraft.

How do I fund my account?

Just click the “+” button on the home screen in the LK LiquidKlear app¹ and follow the directions. You can add money from other bank accounts and request money from other people. You also can deposit cash at LK LiquidKlear flagship ATMs². For locations, click here.

Is my money FDIC insured?

Yes, up to $250,000. Register your Card for FDIC insurance eligibility and other protections.”

How do you keep my account secure?

Here’s why we’re special. Aside from using bank level security standards, LK LiquidKlear uses its enhanced proprietary two to four factor authentication to verify who you are for any given transaction. This is unique to the typical standards of our financial industry, and give us a leg up over competitors, therefore, enabling users to enjoy lower fees! 

How long does it take for money to post to my account?

Funds will typically post to your LK LiquidKlear Visa® Prepaid Card within 5 business days. However, we are working on making up to $500 per day available through LK LiquidKlear real time funding. To make a deposit that is available quicker, you can request funds from another LK LiquidKlear user, or load your card at any retail reload location for $4.95.

Does LK LiquidKlear work with PayPal?

It sure does. You can add your LK LiquidKlear Visa® Prepaid Card as a way to pay for things on PayPal. No additional fees.

Can I have my tax return direct deposited into my LK LiquidKlear account?

Absolutely. Just enter your account information on your tax return form to have the funds deposited into your account.

How do I get direct deposit?

Push the Easy Button (yes, there’s an Easy Button!) on the + funds tab and we’ll generate a forward-able/email-able PDF to send to your HR department to fill out.

How do I send money?

Push the – button in the LK LiquidKlear app¹ and click “Send Money”, or click the “Send Money” button on the bottom on your app¹.

Does the person I’m sending money to have to have a LK LiquidKlear account?

Although we’d love them to be, no, they don’t. You have the option to send them an invitation to join along with your money transfer.² Adding as many friends as possible earns you points!³

How do I cancel a payment or request for money?

Oops, make a mistake? It happens. If your request is in the pending state, and the recipient hasn’t accepted it, you can cancel the request.²

How do I make in-store and online purchases?

Use your LK LiquidKlear Visa® Prepaid Card exactly as you would any other debit or credit card. Either swipe or insert the chip. Stay tuned for new features like contactless cards and Android Pay integration.

How do I get ATM access?

You can get cash at 12,000 ATMs² and counting. Click ​here​ {hyperlink} to find one near you.

What are your hours?

If you need to talk to us, our customer service is available M-F

5am to 11pm MST, Sat-Sun 6am to 6pm MST. You can reach us at 833-263-6691 or “email us” {hyperlink}.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

Do you think you only misplaced your card? No problem, You can LOCK it temporarily in the app¹, without cancelling it or having to order a new one. If it’s a lost cause and you’re sure your card is gone, you can report it lost or stolen through the app¹ too. Need to speak to a human {link to support ticket/chat system}? Call the number on the back of your card 833-263-6691. There is a $2.50 replacement card fee.

What if something goes wrong or I need help?

We’re here for you and want to make sure you’re happy. Our customer service is available M-F 5am to 11pm MST, Sat-Sun 6am to 6pm MST to set things right and help you with whatever you need. You can reach us at 833-263-6691 or “email us” {hyperlink}.

How do I close my account?

Actually, you’re stuck with us. Just kidding! While we’re sad to see you go, it’s easy to close your account. Contact us and we’ll take care of you.

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